Don’t Commit a Social Crime: Help me Get Followers on Instagram


Instagram was created so people can share spectacular moments, enthralling images and happy memories to people all over the world. It is human nature to be interested in viewing images that are glimpses of other people’s lives. In order to share more of your personal moments, you have to be popular so that many users will be able to peruse your photos on Instagram.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that help me get followers on Instagram.

• Don’t post images of apathetic stuffs you’ve done for a day. You’ll only shoo away your potential followers.
• Do post interesting photos and captivating images that will catch the viewer’s attention positively.
• Don’t post embarrassing pictures of other people without asking their permission.
• Do post memorable moments with your friends or family – those that are taken nicely of course.
• Don’t post anything you’d hate for your parents to see.
• Do refrain from posting pictures you’d regret later on. Be sure that the images you share are those that you’re willing to be seen publicly.      Remember, what’s on internet, stays on the internet.
• Don’t overuse hash tags. People will only find it annoying.
• Do use hash tags that are related to the content of your image.
• Don’t plead for people to follow you. They’ll do it themselves if they genuinely want to.
• Do tag your location in every image you post so people will know where you took that beautiful picture or bought that delicious-looking food.
• Don’t ignore your followers. They’ll only get discouraged if you don’t show interest to communicate.
• Do reply to your follower’s comments and keep them engaged.
• Don’t upload your best shots all at once – some may miss while others might find it irritating for flooding their stream.
• Do post images regularly to keep you followers interested. A dull profile will not attract any follower.
• Don’t use Instagram only for advertising.
• Do have fun while sharing your images to other people and marketing your product.

By following these tips that help me get followers on Instagram, you’ll start building a strong Instagram following – if you really put your heart into it.

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