Be Engaging: Tips in Getting More Instagram Followers


The best pictures are not those with flashy filters and exquisite lighting but those that hold irreplaceable memories, allowing us to take a peek of a frozen moment and tell us a story far better than any story book can. These pictures are so great that it’s a waste not share it to the world and let them admire its beauty. Good thing there’s this photo-sharing application known as Instagram.

In any social networking site, the followers serve as the audience to whatever it is you have to show. Although sharing top rate photos are as easy as tapping our fingertips, gaining a considerable following who actually admire and drool over your images is no simple task. Most users find it hard to attract thousands of followers, but there are some tips that can lead you in getting more Instagram followers.

Inside Instagram

To get noticed in Instagram, there are a few basic rules to follow similar to any social networking site:
1. Post regularly
2. Interact with users
3. Include an interesting description with your photos that will get other users’ attention
4. Use popular hash tags

Things you can do in the real world

1. Speaking at conferences
Speaking at conferences is a great medium to promote your Instagram account and raise its exposure. During a presentation, you can mention your account. If your listeners appreciate your presentation, they may follow you.
2. Radio interviews
On the same note, radio interviews are a great way to get attention. It can also be used to gain positive feedback towards your account and build its popularity. You only have to make yourself available as an expert or guest and mention your Instagram account during the interview several times.
3. Newspaper interviews and articles
If you have the resources, you can get an article that includes information about your account. When you gain some media exposure you can also include links towards your account to expose your photographs. You’re on your way towards getting more Instagram followers.

Aside from the ones stated above, you can also utilize other media or print ads to promote your account. So keep those nice shots coming and get more Instagram followers through these tips.

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