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What makes Instagram so Popular?


“A picture is worth ten thousand words”

… goes the famous Chinese proverbs (though specific etymology of the phrase is not confirmed. Some says it is Japanese, while others claim to be Chinese). It is perfectly true and simpler to tell a story or describe things through a picture rather than in mere empty words. With picture and images, you need not say more.

Like with our social media today, plain text and phrases are not the only things posted on the internet. Videos of all category and even random photos have flooded the social media. One more popular photo-sharing site has truly changed the way we communicate and view multimedia since the past 2 years. Instagram was launched last October 2012 which opened the way for a quick and stylish mode to relate and socialize with others. Up to this date, Instagram has over 100 million registered users and counting.

Instagram has been widely accepted and gained much popularity because of its ease of use, distinct and interesting features that confines images and photos into shapes similar to Instamatic and Polaroid images. People also patronized Instagram because of its beautiful and wonderful photo filters that make bare and simple photos blasted with professional touches without the need any exceptional editing skills. It has over 15 filters which include Amaro, Mayfair, Rise and Valencia that one can utilize to make his photos come to life.

Another thing that makes Instagram stand out is that many celebrities and well-known personalities created an Instagram account for themselves. Whether for personal or commercial purpose, for popularity and fame campaign or to influence others, whatever reasons they may have, it cannot be denied that Instagram served them well. Avid fans and loyal supporters have signed up to follow their idols and get first hand updates with their lives. These include Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Justin Beiber.

What makes Instagram more popular is the use of the popular hashtags. Hashtags were added on January of 2011 to make your photos and you more discoverable and searchable by other Instagrammers. Tag your photos with specific and relevant words. It is one way of socializing inside the Instagram world.

The acquisition of Instagram by Facebook last September which is worth approximately 1 billion US dollars in cash and stocks is one of the major factors that contributed to Instagram’s worldwide fame. Instagrammers can now post and share their photos on their Facebook walls enabling their Facebook friends to see without having to create their own Instagram account.

Another contributing factor why Instagram is popular it is because Instagrammers can buy followers on Instagram. If you are someone who uses Instagram not only for communication and socialization but also for marketing and business then you must have heard of this. Having a great number of followers will drive you to your success. They can give you tremendous online exposure and great online traffic towards your account. They can build up great social credibility and solid fan base for you.

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