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Photo Ideas for your Instagram


Sometimes we all hit a dead end. It seems that no muse or idea hits your head for your next photographic project. Well fortunately for you, instead of you doing your research this article has compiled some ideas for you to make use for your next project.

So when you need a spark for your next image content, why not consider these techniques? Yes, we know it’s without the actual use of Instagram, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upload pictures like these. You can always try to capture the same effect with Instagram if you experiment enough.

Anyhow, here are some photo techniques professional photographers use that you can try to mimic as your next project:

Smoke Photography
By capturing smoke to your images, you could add a sense of wispiness or other worldliness to it. You can choose to have either an image be the smoke itself or have an object be covered by smoke. What you need in order to create this type of art is a camera with a manual setting and a manual focusing. You will also need an off camera light with a flash with a sync cord, but a continuous directed light can also be enough. For your setting you need an incense stick, a dark background, and a dust free setting.

High Speed Motion Capture
This type of photography captures images that happen so fast our eye can’t normally see them. What high speed motion capture does is set up your camera so that it can create images when things are happening. When setting up for your shoot you need a dark room, so that when you use your flash it will not get over exposed.

Black and White Photography
Need something to look classic? Then why not try using black and white as a tone for your photo? One of the most powerful ways to use this type of photography is to shoot in contrast. That is when the main object of the photo will contrast with the background (for instance the main object will be black while the surrounding is white or vice versa). This method will make your image be more powerful.

Capture Movement
This type of technique is best used during sports or any fast activity. But, do you know that you can use this even on normal routines? Capture movement photography is best used to instil a sense of urgency or energy on your photo. So, if you want your photo to be kinetic you should really consider this option. You can do this by simply slowing down your camera’s shutter speed. With this simple move you can have a very energetic photo.

Infrared Photography
Do you need to capture a moment during night time? Then why not consider this technique. Best taken during a natural night time setting, this photographic technique will show a different world to what we normally see with our own eyes. Some cameras have their own infrared setting that you can use to capture this type of images.

By using these techniques you will surely have something new to show your current followers. And if you need people to see your new work, you have the option to buy Instagram followers. When you buy followers on Instagram your photo results go up and you have a greater chance of attracting new people to your account. So when you buy followers for instagram you are making a campaign to attract more people to your work.

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