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Gay marriage and abortion: Why are there different laws in Northern Ireland?

A bill bringing laws more in line with the rest of the UK, where access to abortion is easier and same-sex marriage is legal, has passed its final stage in

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Contaminated blood inquiry: Karisa Jones speaks of ‘nightmare’ diagnosis

Karisa Jones’s husband Geraint was given infected blood in a transfusion in 1990 after losing his leg in a forklift truck accident at work. He died 12 years after contracting

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UK newborn baby screening ‘not good enough’

The NHS offers newborns a blood test to screen for up to nine conditions. Many other European countries look for 20 or more illnesses and the US screens for more

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Pledge to end smoking in England by 2030

Promoting physical activity, developing guidelines on sleep and targeting those at risk of diabetes are also set out as priorities in the green paper. The policy document aims to reduce

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Canned laughter ‘makes jokes funnier’

The effect was even bigger if real, spontaneous giggles accompanied a gag, the University College London scientists said. They tried out 40 different jokes, ranging from the groan-worthy to the

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